Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is an eliteMasa Israel program run by the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel. IGF seeks to strengthen the connection between the Jewish State and the Diaspora and to promote global Jewish leadership.

The Fellows are placed in different internships within Israeli Government ministries, NGO’s, and leading policy/research organizations, where they are personally mentored and can use their skills to assist Israel’s policymakers. In addition to the internship, the program has a key educational component, including intensive Hebrew studies, tours in Israel and weekly seminar days in which they get to hear and meet Israeli officials, policymakers, journalists, activists and a wide range of leading public figures. IGF provides Fellows with invaluable work experience and leadership development, focusing on complex issues in Israel today, as well as an opportunity to explore their own connection to Israel and the Jewish people.

IGF is the only existing program of its kind for non-Israelis and is available for Jews aged 22-30 with at least a Bachelor’s degree. The program is based in Jerusalem and its duration is 10 months.

If you are seeking a unique opportunity to experience 10 months of professional and personal development in Israel, we invite you to reach out to us and to apply.

Aims of the Program

IGF is a Masa Israel program, and as such has an overriding mission to help young Jewish people from around the world, forge a lifelong connection with the state of Israel, each Fellow in their own way.

Uniquely, IGF does this through a combination of professional development, exposing Fellows to the inner workings of the Israeli government; and a series of educational seminars tackling different aspects and perspectives of Israeli politics and society.

The program encourages professional and personal growth, while also providing an opportunity to contribute to the State of Israel.


The young people who join the IGF program every year are part of a Fellowship and are selected for their exceptional leadership potential. Their internships are positions of genuine responsibility and they meet and hear from leading figures in Israeli political life.

The IGF staff regards the participants as Fellows in every aspect of the program and Fellows come to the program knowing that a great deal is expected of them.

Graduating Fellows become part of IGF’s Alumni Community: a growing global network of young Jewish leaders, promoting its members through continued friendships and collaborations.

General Program Schedule

Every IGF session starts with a six-week long opening seminar. During this time, Fellows are assisted with settling in and are provided with Hebrew studies, a thorough introduction to contemporary Israel, outdoor tours and various group activities.
After one month of orientation, Fellows will intern at their allocated placements Sundays – Wednesdays. Most Thursdays will be program seminar days, giving Fellows the opportunity to meet with leading public figures, academics, and activists in Israeli society. Fellows will also get to participate in occasional evening activities, conferences, and events.

Throughout the program there will be several Tiyulim (trips) outside Jerusalem, as well as day trips in Jerusalem and other cities.

Two weekends during the year may be spent with the group, but weekends, holidays and days off are otherwise free for Fellows to shape as they please: traveling, exploring and generally experiencing life in Israel.

Approximately once a month, Fellows also have a long weekend (Thursday – Saturday).