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Who we are

The global leadership network established by Israel Government Fellows strengthens the Israel-Diaspora connection and contributes to the advancement of the Israeli public sector.

Meet our team:


Rachelle toobian bell, director

Elisheva ben-david,

internship coordinator

Elisheva was born and raised in Beit-Shemesh, Israel, and is currently living in Jerusalem. She holds an B.A in Communications and Sociology from Bar-Ilan University. As a student she was involved in campus activism and took on several roles in the Bar Ilan Student Union. Elisheva is also an active member of the creative community in Jerusalem.


Elisheva is responsible for locating, coordinating and assigning internship positions, as well as managing the program’s dynamic relationship with the government. Elisheva also manages IGF’s marketing and public relations efforts.


ori vilner, recruitment coordinator

Ori Vilner coordinates the enrollment process for new applicants to the program and assists with the program’s social media and many of the day-to-day logistics. She is from Sansana and majored in Physics and Theatre in High School. Ori is working with IGF as her National Service.


Ori will usually be your first point of contact when applying to IGF or sending us queries. She can be reached at

Josh Even-chen, Tour Educator

Since 1995, Josh has been immersed in Jewish, Zionist and Israel education, working in Israel and abroad, with groups of varied ages and backgrounds.

Josh believes that the ultimate factor in guiding and tour education is relating the historical narrative to modern personal life, thus creating an experience even more meaningful and memorable.

He finds his role as a tour educator to be a true privilege and a unique way to enhance meaning in people's lives. Through educational tourism endeavors, he hopes to be a part of creating a better Israel, better communities and a better world.

paul gross, academic advisor

Before moving to Israel from the UK, Paul worked at the Embassy of Israel to the UK in the Public Affairs department, and as the Ambassador's speechwriter. He has a Masters degree in Middle East Politics from the University of London. Paul has lectured to a variety of groups on Israeli history and politics and his articles have been published in a variety of media outlets in Israel, the UK, the US and Canada.

Paul is currently a Senior Fellow at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, as well as IGF's academic advisor. Paul advises on the structure and curriculum of IGF's academic component, and contributes from his experience and expertise to the academic experience on IGF. 

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