Current Fellows

Benjamin Lee

London, UK

European Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

David Kasman

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Foreign Investments and Industrial Cooperation Authority – Marketing Strategy Department, Ministry of Economy

Ellen Hope Kay

Arizona, USA

Economics Department, Israel Securities Authority

Eric Wollberg

New York, USA

Israel Innovation Authority – Energy and Cleantech Unit, Ministry of Economy

Esther Arnon Landshoff

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Middle East Media Research Institute – MEMRI

Jacob Sager

Washington, USA

Research Department, NGO Monitor


Jeremy Pesner

New Jersey, USA

Research and Analysis Department, Start-Up Nation Central

Jessica Kasmer-Jacobs

Boston, USA

Bureau of World Jewish Affairs and World Religions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Joshua Gordon

Florida, USA

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Matthew Walker

London, UK

Department of International Relations, Ministry of Social Affairs and Services

Nina Spieler

Regensburg, Germany

Legal Advisor’s Office, Ministry of Economy

Sam Rheins

Colorado, USA

Hasbara & Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sharon Salischiker

Buenos Aires, Argentina

MASHAV- National Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tamara Arnon Landshoff

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marketing Department, Ministry of Tourism

Yuri Kestenberg

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Division of South America, Central America and the Caribbean area, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Zack Douer

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, Prime Minister’s Office