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Our Positions

IGF Fellows integrate into key departments throughout dozens of government ministries and leading policy research NGOs, where they benefit from the guidance of dedicated mentors. IGF placements range from research and data analysis, international relations and resource development, to public relations and event production. Each fellow is placed in a position in which they can make a meaningful contribution and hone their professional abilities.


Fellowship Placement Process

After being accepted to the program and approximately two months prior to the start of the session, each Fellow is given a wide list of the possible internship options. Following a one-on-one discussion with the program staff, each Fellow will choose their top five placements from the list. Their resumes and general details are then sent to the relevant mentors for their consideration. In conjunction with the preferences of the Fellows and the mentors, the program staff finalizes the placements for each Fellow. This process is arranged to ensure the most suitable allocation of placements, to meet both the interests of the Fellows and the needs and requirements of each ministry and department.

IGF positions are subject to ANNUAL updates. Read about some of our past placements:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: MASHAV

Position: Desk Officer, Research & Support for International Development Issues


Internship Description:

  • Conducting research and analysis of the latest developments and trends in international development policy, discourse and practice.

  • Assisting the Director of Policy Planning and External Relations in strengthening the Israeli involvement with the OECD.

  • Preparation of briefings for specific meetings or visits overseas.

  • Provision of written material for statements and speeches.

Ministry of Economy:

Legal Advisor’s Office

Ministry of Economy: Legal Advisor’s Office

Position: Assistant to the Legal Advisor in Charge of International Affairs

Internship Description: 

Most of the work includes comparative research related to the various projects and legal questions which arise concerning international trade agreements and other subjects in which the Ministry is involved such as labor rights, industry related environmental issues, and consumer protection.

The projects also cover translation work and assisting in the writing of legal opinions in the area of international trade law.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

 Bureau for World Jewish Affairs & World Religions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:​ Bureau for World Jewish Affairs and World Religions


Position: World Jewish Affairs and World Religions Fellow


Examples of tasks include:

  • Preparation of materials and a major academic conference eon the Jews from Arab lands

  • Preparation of an exhibit and program for commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Israel – Vatican relations

  • Advancement of adoption of the working definition of antisemitism in the international community

  • Prepare and help run the leadership course for young Jewish leaders and Reform rabbis

start-up nation central: 

Research & Analysis Team

Start-Up Nation Central: Research & Analysis Team

Position: Research & Analysis Fellow


Internship Description:

  • Research global and local trends and developments in this Israeli innovation ecosystem and associated challenges and opportunities

  • Present insights in the form of well-written reports

  • Analyze information about innovative Israeli companies, including reviewing products, technologies and business models



MEMRI: Middle East Media Research Institute

Position: Public Relations Fellow for JTTM – Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor project.

Internship Description:

  • Conducting research on jihadi terrorist groups online

  • Monitoring and analyzing media and primary sources

  • Tracking sources on social media

  • Translating Source material

  • Reading secondary sources



Delegitimization & Nation State Team

Reut Institute: Delegitimization & Nation State Team

Position: Research & Analysis Fellow


Internship Description:

The work includes mainly research and analysis project based work: the fellow will search specific materials for our projects on open source data and books, and will take part in conducting some of the conversations with specialists. Some of the work has more research and analysis aspects, and some has to do more on impact aspect – workshops, trainings and lectures to our mission aligned aspect. In that matter, the fellow will assist the staff in organizing these types of events – starting from planning and following with marketing.


Research & Analysis Team

NGO Monitor

Position: Research Fellow


Internship Description:

The Fellow’s work will entail aiding NGO Monitor in its research for various reports. As such, the Fellow will participate in the research, writing, editing, and production process of both print and online documents. The Fellow will also participate in weekly research meetings in order to keep up to date on what the researchers throughout the organization are working on as well as sharing his/her research with the rest of the organization.

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services: International Relations

Position: Welfare and Human Rights Fellow


Internship Description:

  • Research and Report Production

  • Assisting with Honor Killing Cases

  • Assisting the Israeli International Social Service

  • Palestinian Authority Social Cases

  • English Language Editing

  • EU Program Requests

  • Overseas Volunteer Program

  • International Humanitarian Aid Organizations

Ministry of finance:

Office of the Accountant General

Ministry of Finance: Office of the Accountant General


Position: Assistant to the Director of Global Debt Capital Markets and Foreign Currency Transactions


Internship Description:

The Fellow will assist in maintaining the Ministry's relationships with foreign investors, funds, and credit rating agencies. Responsibilities include: regular contact with investors, coordination of a regular newsletter, assisting in planning roadshows, coordinating investors visits, preparing annual State of Israel Prospectus, research in order to create and maintain investor presentations, hosting delegations  and other ad-hoc tasks.


Youth & society department

Ministry of Education: Youth & Society Department

Position: Research Fellow


Internship Description:

  • Working with the training centers to implement content and topics related non-formal education.

  • Gathering information and writing research paper regarding to non-formal education globally

  • Accompanying senior officials on behalf of the Ministry 

  • Delivering lectures to leadership groups and as part of the Ministry of Education's training programs for youth and social education officials in schools and youth departments.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

 Cyber Security Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Cyber Security Department

Position: International Cooperation in Cyber security Fellow        


Internship Description:

  • Responsibilty for researching topics in areas such as international relations in cyber, international law and norms, and international security cooperation in cyber, as well as research on current developments in new realms.

  • Preparation of reports and presentations 

  • Assistance in initiating, organizing and preparation for events and discussions

  • Participation in events such as International Cyber Conferences in Israel


New Media &

Information Services

Government Press Office: New Media & Information Services

Position: Social Media and Information Services Fellow


Internship Description:

  • Producing original content for GPO's website and social media platforms

  • Participating in events on all levels (ex: organizing of official visits of heads of state). 

  • Assisting in the receiving of visiting journalists. 

  • Our fellows are encouraged to participate in media tours, conferences, press conference and other government media events.

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