“The complexities of the challenges facing Israel cannot be understood from afar — not through the media, not through academic textbooks, and not from foreign activist groups. The only way to understand the political, social, religious, and geographical issues facing the region is to observe and study them up close. IGF was the best possible avenue by which to gain those insights.”  

Jordan Barpal, USA- 8th Session, Department of Global Debt Capital Markets and Foreign Currency Transactions, Ministry of Finance

The IGF program consists of two complimentary parts – the internship and the educational component. The educational component of the program includes: one month of orientation, intensive Hebrew studies, weekly seminars and tours around the country. The combination of these elements will provide Fellows with a broad and comprehensive understanding of the main challenges that Israel and the Jewish people face today.

Orientation Month

The month of orientation (the opening seminar) is where the foundations for the educational program are laid. In this first month, Fellows will arrive at the Begin Center in Jerusalem for a series of seminar days relating to: Jewish history, Zionist thought, Israeli history, the structure of the Israeli democratic system and the structure of the Israeli government. During the opening seminar, Ulpan (Hebrew language course) will take place on a daily basis.
The opening seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to contemporary Israel, and will provide the Fellows with the necessary tools for both the internship and the weekly seminars.

Seminar Days

Once the internships begin, Fellows will be working in the various ministries four days a week, while Thursdays will be seminar days. In the seminar days, the Fellows will have the opportunity to meet leading public figures from a wide range of fields – ministers, members of Knesset, community leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars and experts from a wide range of fields. In each seminar day, the Fellows will cover a topic of central importance to Israeli society and the Jewish people as a whole. The topics for these days will include: Israeli security, economic affairs, industry and trade, media and communications, social matters, political perspectives on both internal and external Israeli affairs, Israel-Diaspora relations and many more.