“The most important and memorable experience for me on the program was my internship, which allowed me to develop skills I would later need in my career“

Jacob Ross, USA – 7th Session

The heart of the IGF program is the fellowship experience in the Israeli government and in related organizations. Fellows are placed in serious positions of genuine responsibility, where they are placed based on their skills, preferences and interests, as well as their relevance to the various positions.

Fellows will managed and guided by their mentors, who are unit, department, or division directors, who work together with the Fellows to ensure a fulfilling, professionally challenging and rewarding fellowship experience.

Fellowship Placement Process

After being accepted to the program and approximately two months prior to the start of the session, each Fellow is given a wide list of the possible internship options. Following a one on one discussion with the program staff, each Fellow will choose their top five placements from the list. Their resumes and general details are then sent to the relevant mentors for their consideration. In conjunction with the preferences of the Fellows and the mentors, the program staff finalizes the placements for each Fellow. This process is arranged to ensure the most suitable allocation of placements, to meet both the interests of the Fellows and the needs and requirements of each ministry and department.

Examples of past internship placements

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MASHAV

    MASHAV is responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring Israel’s international development assistance program. Programs are implemented in Israel and throughout the developing world.

    Position: Desk Officer, Research & Support for International Development Issues

    Internship Description:

    • Conducting research and analysis of the latest developments and trends in international development policy, discourse and practice.
    • Assisting the Director of Policy Planning and External Relations in strengthening the Israeli involvement with the OECD.
    • Preparation of briefings for specific meetings or visits overseas.
    • Provision of written material for statements and speeches.
    • Taking minutes of meetings.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Bureau for World Jewish Affairs and World Religions

    The Bureau for World Jewish Affairs and World Religions is responsible for political communication with the major American and world Jewish organizations on issues of import for the Israel foreign policy and for the welfare of Jewish communities around the world. The Bureau conducts the foreign policy of Israel on all issues related to the Jewish diaspora, and Israel’s relations with the religions and major religious institutions around the world.

    Position: World Jewish Affairs and World Religions Fellow

    Internship Description:

    The IGF fellow will be a full member of the Bureau staff and will take part in staff meetings and the overall work of the Bureau.

    Specific responsibilities of the intern will be determined according to the needs of the Bureau during the coming year, and in collaboration with the intern. Examples of tasks include:

    • Preparation of materials and a major academic conference eon the Jews from Arab lands
    • Preparation of an exhibit and program for commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Israel – Vatican relations
    • Advancement of adoption of the working definition of antisemitism in the international community
    • Prepare and help run the leadership course for young Jewish leaders and Reform rabbis
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Unit to Combat Delegitimization

    To coordinate and lead the MFA’s efforts to combat Delegitimization of Israel. The unit is responsible for strategy development and resource-building, and coordination of counter-delegitimization efforts with existing departments, Israeli delegations abroad, other government ministries and key Jewish and other pro-Israeli organizations and individuals.

    Position: Assistant to the Coordinator

    Internship Description:

    • Develop written materials for distribution across key diplomatic and Israel advocacy networks
    • Assist in managing short-term and medium-term projects related to events, conferences, etc
    • Monitor key websites and maintain ongoing data base regarding global anti-Israel activity
    • Participate actively in coordinating the full array of local efforts around the world to combat delegitimization
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection – Department of International Relations

    The Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is charged with responsibility for cooperation with both international organizations and representatives of states as part of Israel’s global environmental involvement and with an eye to the promotion of Israel’s domestic environmental agenda.

    Position: International Affairs Assistant

    Internship Description: This experience will bring you in contact with the varied work of the MoEP and its extensive overseas contacts. You will become familiar with global environmental instruments and international organizations and their impacts on Israeli domestic environmental policy.

  • Israel Securities Authority (I.S.A)

    The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) was established under the Securities Law, 1968 and its mandate is to protect the interests of the investing public. Amongst other things, the Authority fights such phenomena as securities fraud, use of inside information and securing material information from investors.
    The ISA drafts and initiates virtually all primary and secondary legislation pertaining to securities law in Israel. In addition, it cooperates with government industries in formulating policies and laws pertaining to capital market activity.

    Position: Analysis & Research Fellow

    Internship Description:

    As a part of our team, the research fellow will be given the opportunity to take part in a substantial research project in the field of financial markets and securities regulation. This is a fascinating time in global and Israeli financial markets, a time in which the ISA is exploring different approaches for facing current challenges like growing financial innovation (including the rise of “Fintech” and increasing use of “Algo-trading” and HFT), low interest rate environment, concentrated business groups and systemic risk. All of these create a variety of research opportunities and interesting projects.

    The research fellow may also have the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars and meetings in order to develop a stronger background in the field and remain informed on current topics.
    Our main goal is to give the fellows as much knowledge and experience as possible while getting as much as we can from their skills and knowledge.

  • Ministry of Finance – Office of the Accountant General

    The Economics and Research Department analyzes information on economic developments in Israel and abroad and presents its policy assessments to the Finance Minister. The department is responsible for modeling and forecasting the macroeconomic indicators that are used in budget calculations, and regular reports on the Israeli economy. The department’s data and reports are directly used in the formulation of Israel’s economic policy.

    Position: Research Assistant / Junior Economist

    Internship Description: The Fellow will be responsible for preparing reports and presentations on economic developments, researching policy related issues based on international comparisons and economic literature. The Fellow will also be assigned to work independently on selected long term economic projects in accordance to the Ministry’s objectives and his/her personal interests.

  • Ministry of Economy – Legal Advisor’s Office

    The Legal Advisor’s Office gives legal guidance to the various departments in the Ministry.

    Position: Assistant to the Legal Advisor in Charge of International Affairs

    Internship Description: Most of the work includes comparative research related to the various projects and legal questions which arise concerning international trade agreements and other subjects in which the Ministry is involved such as labor rights, industry related environmental issues, and consumer protection.

    The projects also cover translation work and assisting in the writing of legal opinions in the area of international trade law.

  • Israel Antitrust Authority – Director General’s Office

    The international affairs of the IAA involve bilateral cooperation with foreign competition agencies such as US FTC and DOJ, European Commission and UK OFT, as well as international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and International Competition Network (ICN).

    Position: International Affairs Coodinator

    Internship Description:

    • Draft reviews concerning Israeli antitrust for international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
    • Engage in International Competition Network (ICN) projects;
    • Issue press releases;
    • Compose annual reports, surveys and updates on IAA activities;
    • Conduct comparative research with respect to antitrust jurisprudence, foreign legislation and market studies;
    • Assist in enforcement and advocacy efforts of the IAA;
    • Correspond with foreign competition agencies and members of the international antitrust community
  • Taub Center for Social Policy Studies

    The Taub Center provides the country’s top policy makers and the general public with a professional, “big picture” perspective, as well as policy options, in the economic and social spheres.  The Center’s five interdisciplinary Policy Programs in education, labor, social welfare, health, and economics bring together prominent academic researchers and leading experts from the policy realm.

    Position: Government Relations Fellow

    Internship Description:

    • Dissemination of research findings to policymakers and decision leaders in Israeli society.
    • Preparing for and participating in the Center’s international policy conference
    • Coordinating and attending meetings and events with policymakers
    • posting materials in various platforms


  • Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

    The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East and South Asia through their media.
    MEMRI bridges the language gap between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and other languages as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends.
    MEMRI monitors, translates, and analyzes primary source documents from the Arab and Muslim world, and shares them with governments, militaries, media, academia, and the public around the world.

    Position: Public Relations Fellow for JTTM – Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor project.

    Internship Description:

    • Conducting research on jihadi terrorist groups online
    • Monitoring and analyzing media and primary sources
    • Tracking sources on social media
    • Translating Source material
    • Reading secondary sources
  • NGO Monitor

    The aim of NGO Monitor, as outlined in the mission statement, is to generate and distribute critical analysis and reports on the output of the international NGO community for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public. We intend to publicize distortions of human rights issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict and provide information and context for the benefit of NGOs working in the Middle East. We hope this will lead to an informed public debate on the role of humanitarian NGOs.

    NGO Monitor’s objective is to end the practice used by certain self-declared ‘humanitarian NGOs’ of exploiting the label ‘universal human rights values’ to promote politically and ideologically motivated agendas.


  • Project TEN

    The Jewish Agency’s Project TEN is an international development program that operates volunteer centers in developing areas. They bring together young Jewish adults from all over the world, to a program that combines volunteer work with local communities, alongside service-learning in the fields of international development, culture, identity and Jewish activism. This program embodies the essence of Tikkun Olam while teaching Jewish leadership on the ground.

    Position: Marketing and Public Relations Fellow

    Internship Description:

    • Leading international promotion campaigns
    • Planning special promotion weeks in strategic cities around the globe
    • Representing Project TEN in various events
    • Organizing recruitment projects in Israel
    • Analyzing campaign performance and making recommendations for future enhancements.