“What you get out of IGF will depend on what you put into it, but the connections that you will make with both the people and the land will undoubtedly leave you inspired.”

Evan Polisar, USA, 9th session, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Ulpan” is Hebrew language instruction. Though IGF fully operates in English, it is hugely beneficial for Fellows to develop or improve their Hebrew skills, in order to both support their internship experience in Hebrew-speaking environments and to allow for a more nuanced understanding of Israel.

Over the course of the first four months of the program, Fellows will have approximately 130 hours of Hebrew instruction. IGF uses Ulpan-Or, which specializes in rapidly learning spoken Hebrew. The classes and study groups are very personalized, giving each and every Fellow a chance to learn at his/her own level and pace. Applicants’ initial level of Hebrew does not affect their chances of acceptance to the program. The program provides Fellows with a chance to really get immersed in Israeli society and culture. Improving or building useful language skills is one of the ways to maximize such experience.