What are the eligibility requirements?
AAge 21-30

Fluent English

Bachelor’s degree + work experience OR a Master’s Degree (Different internship opportunities will be available depending on the level of academic achievement and the nature of work experience).

Applicants must not have Israeli citizenship, or if they do -must have left Israel before the age of 14 and have lived outside of Israel for at least four consecutive years prior to applying to IGF.

Are there specific professions that the program is intended for?
A The work experience provided on the program will be of benefit for all the Fellows, regardless of their future career plans. The skills developed, in areas such as leadership and teamwork, are transferable to all professions and in everyday life.
Can I be an Israel Government Fellow if I have Israeli citizenship?
A IGF follows the application rules set by MasaIsrael. Applicants can have Israeli citizenship but cannot be resident in Israel.
Are applicants required to undergo a security and background investigation?
AThis will depend on where individual Fellows are working.  Certain placements will require security checks but there should be no need for full background investigations.