“IGF gave me an understanding of the true Israel behind the scenes. It gave me memorable personal opportunities that I’d never imagined: to walk in the Negev desert, to climb mountains in the north, to go to the Knesset, to visit minorities’ communities, to hear the Prime Minister in person, to meet high-profile public figures, to debate with Jews from all over the world, to further strengthen my Jewish identity.  One of the most life-changing experiences of my life!”

Guita Horowitz, Brazil – 9th session, Israel Antitrust Authority 

IGF is looking to provide Fellows with a nuanced, thorough and complex understanding of the issues facing Israel, its people and the region. In order to achieve this, the program’s discussions, debates and lectures are supplemented by trips and tours, allowing for a first hand encounter with the issues that matter.

Tours of Jerusalem – Jerusalem, as the capital of the State of Israel is a city of many faces. During the program, the Fellows will experience different aspects of the city, through which they can explore the political, social and religious challenges of Jerusalem.

Trips around Israel – We believe that it is necessary to experience the reality on the ground in Israel, in order to fully understand the complexity of the contemporary issues which will be discussed throughout the year. Many aspects of the educational program are explored during trips around the country. These trips allow for a more well-rounded understanding of the challenges of the State and will provide a complimentary dimension to the educational component of the program. The trips also provide Fellows the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions with each other and with the experts they meet along the way. Of course the trips also allow for group bonding, exploring Israel’s natural beauty and fun!