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Adah forer

Head of British Press Desk, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Alumna of IGF Session 13 2018-2019


After completing IGF, I decided to stay in Israel and made aliyah. I wanted to contribute more to Israel, and volunteered to serve in the IDF. I am currently serving in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, working with international reporters from all over the world.  


IGF gave me an opportunity to truly experience living in Israel and follow my next steps here. If I hadn't completed my fellowship in the Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I wouldn't have been exposed to the work in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit. Seeing and contributing to the cooperation between the MFA and the IDF inspired me to pursue this next step, and continue shaping Israel's image abroad. I hope to return to the MFA as a career diplomat, and I am so grateful to IGF for giving me the opportunity to experience the diplomatic community and motivating me to pursue this career path. 


When I finished university, I knew I wanted to spend time in Israel, but wasn't yet ready to commit to making aliyah. IGF allowed me to truly feel Israeli -- working in a government office, hearing from respected speakers on issues challenging Israeli society, and travelling to unique sites all over the country. I also had the opportunity to engage with Israel outside of program hours -- sharing an apartment with Israeli students, attending public lectures and events, joining the Hebrew University Orchestra, and taking an Arabic class, to name a few. The program gave me the tools to make Israel my home -- I now feel like an integrated member of Israeli society. 


IGF is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Upon graduation, I was determined to work in the Israeli government and meet professionals in the field I wanted to pursue, and no other program would have given me the opportunity to do just that. Furthermore, I was inspired daily by the diverse cohort of participants -- hailing from nearly a dozen countries, speaking a variety of languages, and sharing endless experiences and stories that had shaped their Jewish identities and connection to Israel. IGF's unique participants, exceptional fellowship placements, and thought-provoking seminars characterize the program, and serve as an exciting challenge for those who wish to expand their horizons.  

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