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The global leadership network established by Israel Government Fellows strengthens the Israel-Diaspora connection and contributes to the advancement of the Israeli public sector.


Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is an elite government and policy research internship program based in Jerusalem that offers a unique professional and educational opportunity to outstanding Jewish professionals from around the world. Founded in 2007 by the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in cooperation with the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and Masa Israel Journey, IGF combines high-level professional development in the Israeli government and public sector with a multi-faceted, in-depth educational program on Israeli policy and society.


Over the course of ten months, IGF Fellows gain invaluable hands-on work experience, together with insight into Israeli society and public administration, while providing vital service to government ministries and NGOs. IGF prepares Fellows to assume impactful professional roles in the future and connects them to a greater alumni network of proven leaders and changemakers.

The internship

Career development in government ministries and influential think tanks

The education

The opportunity to meet and learn from public figures and experts in the field on every aspect of Israeli politics, policy and society



Dr. Anat Bonshtien, Chairman and Director
Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative
Prime Minister's Office:

IGF fellows leave their homes, their comfort zones, their families and friends, to come to Israel. They’re coming to work, and work hard, in the most meaningful places. Places  where the can make a real impact. Make a difference. They know they will be working with people they don’t know, in a foreign language and environment. Nonetheless, they are eager to come and contribute. This is what I call outstanding. This is what I call highly motivated. These young people will be leaders, because they have chosen this path of contribution and change.


I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing program.


Iddo Moed, Deputy Head

African Affairs Division

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We at the ministry of Foreign Affairs talk about Shlichut, being a Shaliach. This is a very old Jewish term for Messenger. We feel as though we are taking Israel’s message abroad. But IGF Fellows come on shlichut, on a mission, to us. This dual sense of mission makes this collaboration very special. I’m very happy to have been part of this program for several years, and to have bright and enthusiastic professionals at my side. For me, working with IGF fellows connects my daily work with something broader in Israeli society and the Jewish people. This too is part of shlichut.


IGF fellows make a huge difference. Their contribution is enormous. We’re proud to know that they take away experiences and resources that can help them be shlichim for Israel from anywhere around the world.

Renee Tchelet, Director
Department of International Relations
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

Mentoring an IGFer is unique because these are outstanding, bright, creative thinkers, who bring new perspectives to my team. These young people arrive, motivated and eager to contribute, learn and succeed. Beyond the fact that they are a welcome addition to the department, their positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Their contribution is invaluable. Fellows make it possible to carry out plans that until their arrival were only a dream despite their importance, and now there is someone who can invest the time and make them a reality.

I support IGF because without IGF, some of my professional dreams for the department and the ministry would have stayed on paper.


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