Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is an elite Masa Israel program endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and The Menachem Begin Heritage Center.
IGF offers outstanding and highly motivated young university graduates an experience at the heart of the Israeli government, combining internships in government ministries and related organizations with educational seminars, Hebrew language studies and trips around the country. The program is 10 months long and is available for candidates aged 21-30. Every year we accept the best and the brightest from around the world, from different backgrounds and with diverse opinions and outlooks, helping them to develop themselves professionally, to explore Israel’s politics and people, and to fulfill their potential as Jewish leaders of the future.

What We Do

Our Internships

Career development in government ministries and influential think tanks

Israel In Depth

The opportunity to meet and learn from public figures and experts in the field on every aspect of Israeli politics, policy and society

Hebrew Studies

Studying Hebrew with an emphasis on conversation, getting you speaking like a native as quickly as possible!

Exploring The Land

Traveling around Israel, getting to know the north, south, east and west of the country – meeting the people who make a difference along the way.

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Israel Government Fellows
Israel Government Fellows with Elliot Miller and 11 others.Mar 31, 2016 @ 17:43
We met today with Zionist Union Knesset Member Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin. She spoke with us about the need for greater unity in Israeli society, the importance of a strong middle class and social justice as a Jewish value.
Masa Israel Journey Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin The Knesset - הכנסת המחנה הציוני
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Israel Government Fellows
Israel Government FellowsMar 30, 2016 @ 17:30
The 500th anniversary of the Venice Jewish ghetto: “What we’re celebrating are not the ghetto’s walls, but the rich and diverse cultural traditions that flourished inside them". Italy is one of the few EU countries that hasn't been represented yet on IGF. Hopefully this will change this coming session! Masa Israel Journey Masa Italia World Jewish Congress EUJS - European Union of Jewish Students World Union of Jewish Students - WUJS European Union in Israel EIPA- Europe Israel Public Affairs European Friends of Israel (EFI)
Israel Government Fellows
500 anni del Ghetto di Venezia - trailer
Il 29 marzo 1516, sotto il dogado di Leonardo Loredan, il Senato veneziano decreta che tutti “li giudei debbano abitar unidi” in una zona recintata e sorvegl...
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Israel Government Fellows
Israel Government FellowsMar 29, 2016 @ 17:30
A beautiful act carried out by several government agencies, with help from the U.S. State Department.
Welcome___ברוכים הבאים___أهلاً و سهلاً
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Israel Government Fellows
Israel Government FellowsMar 27, 2016 @ 18:30
Last week Israel mourned the passing of Meir Dagan, the former head of the Mossad. Because of Israel’s unique security challenges, security leaders are greatly respected in Israeli society and their passing is a cause for national sorrow. Dagan was, in the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, “a great warrior”.
מסע - Masa Israel Journey
The Prime Minister of Israel
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Israel Government Fellows
Israel Government FellowsMar 24, 2016 @ 18:30
Wishing everyone a Happy Purim from sunny Jerusalem, with this beautiful (and recent) bird's eye view of the old city!
Masa Israel Journey
Jerusalem Municipality | עיריית ירושלים
Nir Barkat - ניר ברקת
Israel Government Fellows
צילום אוויר - העיר העתיקה בירושלים | Elements - יוצרים קונספט ויזאולי
כמה קטעים מתוך סרטון עתידי שאנחנו עובדים עליו.... העיר העתיקה בירושלים מכילה בתוכה היסטוריה בת אלפי שנים. בתיעוד שלא מתאפשר בדר"כ , קיבלנו אפשרות יחודית לצילום…
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Alumni Testimonials

"I sought IGF with the primary intention of furthering myself professionally. And while it certainly paid professional dividends upon my return to the U.S., IGF's greatest impact on me was unquestionably personal. Those ten months were filled with one adventure after the next, each one unique, and each one giving me a far greater sense of what it was that inspired and motivated me. IGF is unlike any other program offered, providing insights, experiences, and connections with Israel that you can't possibly get anywhere else in 10 months"

Jordan Barpal ,USA-8th session, Department of Global Debt Capital Markets and Foreign Currency Transactions, Ministry of Finance

"IGF is for people who like to be challenged, want to think critically, and feel the need to constantly learn. The program gave me the experience and the contacts to dramatically shift my professional path and helped me create more informed opinions on a number of issues facing Israelis and the wider international community."

Carly Olenick – USA, 9th Session, Department of International Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Services

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